What are the best toppings for herb cookie

Playing Cookie Run Kingdom means that you know the need for a good offence and defence. While we may like to fill our teams with good offensive characters, in this PvE, the smart ones know the value of a good healer. One of the best healers in the game is Herb Cookie. As an Epic rarity healer, you know that he’s a strong choice even without any toppings. However, adding toppings only makes him that much better on the field. Here are the best toppings and build for Herb Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom to make your team unstoppable.

These are the best build and toppings for Herb Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom:

  • X5 Searing Raspberry Topping (More ATK = More Healing)
  • X5 Sweet Candy Topping
  • X5 Swift Chocolate Topping (Lowers the Cooldown)

Despite being available since CRK launched, Herb Cookie has managed to still be one of the best healers in the game. Second only to Pure Vanilla Cookie, Herb Cookie’s Sunny Garden ability cleanses his allies from debuffs. He is a steady healer that will be great in PvP, PvE and Guild Battles especially.

Herb Cookie heals by unleashing a skill that turns the ground into a little garden. This garden will remove all debuffs while restoring the HP for the whole party. Over time, standing next to his sprouts allows you to restore HP as well.

If you don’t have Pure Vanilla Cookie then Herb Cookie is a no brainer when selecting a healer for your team. This makes him very important for those that need a healer but just can’t get Pure Vanilla Cookie.

To decide which toppings are good for your healers, you will need to consider two things:

  • The attack for your healers is basically healing the team
  • Having a low cooldown is important for constant healing

If you want to enhance your healers and their skills, choose a build that suits your playstyle while keeping these two important things in mind.

This was our guide on the best toppings and build for Herb Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom! If you want to read more about other Cookies then check out this article on the best build for other cookies in CRK.

What are the best toppings for herb cookie

This article is part of our complete Cookie Run Kingdom Toppings Guide. It will look at the best Herb Cookie toppings build. If you’re trying to improve your Herb Cookie’s healing and overall performance, keep reading to learn more…

The best toppings for Herb Cookie is 5 Searing Raspberry because of how the mechanics work. His healing is based on the ATK stat, and as such, more ATK equals more healing. Alternatively, you can add one or two Swift Chocolate to lower his cooldown time. 

Players can bond these cookies to make The Green Dawn build:

Promoting each cookie up will provide extra bonuses, such as more HP and DEF.

Here is the best Herb Cookie team in Cookie Run Kingdom:

  • Wildberry Cookie with 5 Solid Almond Toppings (Front Tank)
  • Espresso Cookie with 5 Searing Raspberry Toppings (Middle)
  • Sea Fairy Cookie with 5 Searing Raspberry Toppings (Middle)
  • Cotton Cookie with 5 Swift Chocolate Toppings (Rear)
  • Herb Cookie with 5 Searing Raspberry Toppings (Rear)

Best Werewolf Cookie Toppings Build...

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Herb Cookie is an excellent supportive cookie responsible for healing his allies. In fact, he is argued as the second-best healer in the game, just behind Pure Vanilla Cookie. If you get him early on, invest your toppings pieces into him to improve his healing. Although he is great, you should switch him out for Pure Vanilla Cookie once you’re in the higher ranks. 

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Herb Cookie is rated as A Tier because of his excellent healing ability, which only Pure Vanilla Cookie can match. He used to be meta, and although he’s not the best anymore, he remains a go-to option.

What are the best toppings for herb cookie

To get Herb Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom, players must draw him from a gacha—there’s less than a 1% chance! Alternatively, you can save 20 Herb Cookie Soulstones and obtain him that way. These can be found randomly as level rewards.


Thanks for reading our guide presenting the best Herb Cookie toppings build — we explained everything you needed to know about him.

What are the best toppings for herb cookie

Cookie Run: Kingdom is a popular free-to-play RPG where you have to rule over your own kingdom. This game allows you to collect different characters and use them to form squads. These Cookies belong to different roles and the most important characters are those who can support your team.

One of the best Cookies of this role is Herb Cookie. In order to make him stronger, you will need to upgrade this Cookie and provide him with the best toppings. So, this guide will tell you about the best toppings for Herb Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom.

There are lots of different support characters that you can use in Cookie Run: Kingdom. These Cookies are able to heal their teammates and provide them with buffs or shields. It seems that one of these supports named Herb Cookie is quite popular and there are lots of players who want to use him.

What are the best toppings for herb cookie

Herb Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom is an interesting character that is able to heal his allies. His ability is called Sunny Garden and it heals all your Cookies and removes debuffs from them. So, you may want to use this character and make him stronger with some toppings.

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In order to make your Herb Cookie stronger, we recommend you to use Searing Raspberry Topping. It provides this character with bonus Attack stats. So, your support will be able to heal more HP and it is the best way to make him stronger. Also, you can use Swift Chocolate or Solid Almond Toppings if you need more defense or cooldown reduction.

Cookie Run: Kingdom is one of the most interesting mobile RPGs in the game industry and there are lots of strategies that you can follow. Hopefully, this guide was useful and you managed to make your Herb Cookie stronger. Good luck in your further battles in Cookie Run: Kingdom!

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